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Summer Holiday Activities for Kids: Week 4

If you’re looking for summer holiday activities for kids, join us each week as we upload a free recipe and fun downloadable activity to make this summer holiday a great one!

summer holiday activity ideas

Week 4 - Let’s Go Camping!

Unplug the electronics and pitch up the tent as this week we make and bake the perfect activities for any camping holiday. So whether you’re camping in a field, at a festival or even from the comfort of your own back garden, we’ve got something to make this years staycation a great one.

Hot Chocolate On The Go

Toasting Marshmallows and sipping on hot chocolate is a memory with making, pack an Artisan Hot Chocolate Baking Kit in your bag to gift one evening. With a stoneware mug included you can rustle up this decadent treat around the fire to create a perfect evening activity. Just add milk and a little whipped cream.

Artisan Hot Chocolate Mug

Is it really camping if you don’t have bags of marshmallows stashed in the tent? Download the template below to create your own Dragonfly catapults that are perfect for launching mini marshmallows. Create target practice with empty mugs, or start a team game and take it in turns!

Marshmallow Catapults
Tealight Smores Recipe

Toasting marshmallows on an open fire is the ultimate camping experience.

However, if you’re indoors tealights can create a great substitute for making smores without the fire pit. Perfect for movie nights or a fun dessert activity after dinner.



Digestive Biscuits 

Chocolate Chips 

Sliced Strawberries

Long sticks (chopsticks, skewers etc)


Layer a biscuit with chocolate chips and set aside.

Pop a marshmallow onto a skewer and gently hold it over the flame.

Remove from the heat and blow out any flames to stop the marshmallow from burning.

Turn and repeat until all the marshmallow is toasted.

Place the toasted marshmallow on the chocolate topped biscuit and gently remove the skewer (the heat from the marshmallow will melt the chocolate, yum!).

Add slices of strawberry and top with another biscuit .

Press down to create a warm gooey and most definitely tasty Smore!

If you’re new to our ‘Make It and Bake It’ series, don’t forget to check out:

Don’t forget, selected Kids Baking Kits are 2 for £25 until 31st August 2021.

Stay tuned for next week as we launch ‘Baking Week’!

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