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The 7 Best Baking Kits To Enjoy This Christmas

It’s never too early to start thinking about food for Christmas. Aside from spending time with friends and family, great food is the true superstar of the season. 

If you’re looking for something a little special to indulge in this year, we’ve got 7 delicious bakes to get you in that festive mood!

Blog 7 best baking kits for christmas
Gingerbread Village Baking Kit

The Festive Showstopper!

There’s nothing quite as iconic at Christmas than a Gingerbread House.

Now you can bake an entire Gingerbread Village that sits perfectly as a festive centrepiece. There’s less piping involved for this bake, as the box is loaded with goodies to decorate with!

Bonus – Includes 3 cutters to make the houses, cake board, mini festive trees and a string of fairy lights to light up your village.

Shop the original ‘Gingerbread House Baking Kit’ here. 

Christmas Tree Crumpets Baking Kit

A Festive Breakfast

Christmas morning will never feel the same again as you tuck into a batch of warm toasted crumpets topped with your choice of Marmite or Strawberry Jam and a cup of breakfast tea.

Make ahead of time and store in the fridge or get the family involved on Christmas morning and enjoy watching the bubbles rise up on these delicious crumpets.

Bonus – Includes a reusable metal tree cutter to pour your crumpet batter into and a selection of Marmite, Jam and organic tea bags too!

A Sharing Treat

Perfect for parties or to tuck into on a winters evening, these little bites of cranberry bread come alive when dipped into a warm baked camembert.

The challenge is not to devour the whole thing!

Bonus – This baking kit makes a great gift, so pop 2 in your basket for a tasty treat and a gift at Christmas!

Great For Kids

Warmly spiced with gingerbread, these baked doughnuts are a breeze to make and even more fun to decorate!

Keep them simple with an iced glaze and sprinkles or really go to town with a mix of festive characters. This kit has everything you’ll need to create a penguin, Santa belly and Christmas wreath.

Candy Cane Bagel Bread Kit

Not your average bake!

Ramp up the festive lunchtime treat with a delicious soft and chewy bagel that spreads Christmas cheer wherever it is eaten!

This bread dough is a great bake to master and once you knead in the colour, it’s time to twist them together to create a candy cane bagel fit for the big man himself!

Little mouthfuls of heaven

Macarons are notoriously difficult to bake. get them right however, and you’re rewarded with a delicious chocolate filled snack that gets everyone talking!

There’s everything you’ll need in this kit to become a macaron master, including piping bags, macaron template and a detailed step by step recipe card.

A Delicious Sharer

This rich bread dough recipe creates an impressive cinnamon roll wreath that’s flavoured with orange zest and warm spices before being dressed with cranberries, pistachios and a hearty drizzle of rich icing.

It’s gooey, delicious and incredibly moorish, once you start it’s hard to stop!

There you have it, 7 great Christmas baking kits to try this winter. Whether you’re new to baking or looking for a kit to stretch your skills (we’re looking at you Snoman Macs!) there’s a baking kit that’s right for everyone.

Want more baking kit inspiration? Don’t forget to read our ‘7 best baking kits for kids this Christmas’ to find a great selection of kid friendly bakes.


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