Where we started

Honeywell Biscuit Co. was set up in 2012 at the kitchen table over a cuppa and, you guessed it, a biscuit.

Since then we’ve grown to a happy team of fifteen bakers, and counting. We are self confessed baking connoisseurs, with a cookie cutter obsession and a mission to bring creative baking to everyone.

Baking is a great British institution, nothing is as satisfying as a good biscuit or cake after all!

British Countryside

Our bakery is in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside – a complex of old barns transformed into light and airy spaces we love to work in.

Local Ingredients

We are passionate about using local ingredients in our biscuits wherever possible – local, free range eggs, flour milled in Northamptonshire, British grown sugar and locally produced butter.

We apply the same principle to the ingredients you find in our baking kits, and although the ingredients are more varied so we can’t source them all locally, we only use locally milled flour, British sugar, and the best quality ingredients we can find, supporting other small businesses whenever we can. This means everything from your Freakshakes to your sourdough tastes divine.

Artisan Bakery

We are artisans at heart, using traditional baking methods to combine the ingredients and test new recipes for our baking subscriptions and kits.

Each biscuit we bake is hand cut using a specially selected cookie cutter from our ever expanding collection of over 3000 shapes, and is then iced by an expert – us! This is where we get creative – our team has a wide range of skills which include hand painting in edible ink, piping using royal icing, and creating beautiful edible art with fondant icing. We are perfectionists, and we are proud of that. If a biscuit doesn’t look just right, we’d rather stay late and ice it again than send it to you with flaws.

Baking Kits

The recipes for our baking kits are tried and tested – we have the arduous task of having to taste many different bakes each month (!) – and any that aren’t perfect are baked again with a slightly different range of ingredients.

From the Bread Bakers Box Subscription – these kits enable you to easily make real, artisan bread at home, to Young Bakers Subscription, aimed at children aged 2-12 who are learning to bake, each recipe is carefully tested.


The tale goes that a feast begins with the eyes, and we certainly agree with that. All of our packaging has been carefully selected and designed to look as amazing as the contents.

From our luxury, sturdy gift boxes to the optional finishing touch of recycled wrapping paper, at the heart of everything we do is sustainability. We are working hard to eliminate plastic wherever it’s not strictly necessary, instead using biodegradable cellulose bags and paper envelopes.

Most packaging is compostable, and all that isn’t is recyclable.

Reducing Waste

This not only applies to our own packaging, but to the ingredients and items that we buy and use.

We are strict about reusing and recycling everything we can, and food waste (that we can’t eat!) is composted or used as animal feed.

We work in beautiful countryside and this reminds us every day that we need to preserve it and help, little by little, to save the world. We are a good life company – good to work for, good for our customers, and, hopefully, good for the world.

Small as we are, we hope to make a difference. We like to imagine that one day every business will do the same.

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