Meet The Team

The Biscuit Experts

Rebecca – Founder

“I grew up on a small holding and Mum always had a cake coming out of the Aga, using fresh eggs from our hens and fruit from the garden, whilst Dad was an entrepreneur, so baking and business is in my blood. My first daughter was born about the same time as Pinterest, and I used my time at home to whip up some Pinterest inspired recipes (there were a few fails too, of course!) and from there the seeds for the company were sown. We began as a very small, hobby business, selling a few cakes and biscuits online – baking and icing whist the babies were in bed or playing on the kitchen floor. In our second year, we sold Halloween and Christmas collections into Selfridges, and with my second daughter only a few weeks old, that was quite a feat.

In 2016 we moved to a full time bakery and took the big step of hiring an employee. In 2018 a passing conversation led to us buying a successful baking subscription company, which we’ve integrated into the business and added a biscuit twist to.

We have grown to a full team of amazing, creative women, with the equipment and space needed to fulfil large orders for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Favourite Job: Designing new products

Top Hidden Talent: Speaking Mandarin Chinese


Michelle joined the team in 2017 and it immediately felt like she’d been here forever. Always singing or dancing, she gets the job done but makes sure to have fun along the way. And yes, sometimes we do ask her to stop singing – especially early in the morning.


A creative biscuit genius, Michelle works in organised chaos. She keeps everyone on their toes and makes sure that every biscuit gets done on time.


Crafting beautiful designs out of fondant icing is Michelle’s forte. Next year she gets married to Mr Baker and will become an official Baker by name as well as trade!


Favourite Job: Being given creative freedom to work on an exciting brief
Top Hidden Talent: Michelle thinks this is singing, but we think it’s watercolour painting


Hollie is as speedy as they come, and loves being given a challenge. We give her 1000 biscuits and she’ll beautifully ice every single one – consistency is her superpower.


An amazing painter, after starting here Hollie turned her brush to edible ink painting, and the results are almost too good to eat.  She is a true biscuit artist, and her favourite thing to paint is animals.


A goth at heart, you’ll find Hollie at the tattoo parlour or with her three cats when she’s not icing biscuits.


Favourite Job: A rack of biscuits to methodically work through
Top Hidden Talent: Riding her motorbike though the countryside


Lesley is a complete whizz when it comes to making dough, and is always very cheerful after a cuppa.


Soon after walking into the bakery, Lesley has whipped up delicious batches of dough, and soon has the neatest biscuits coming out of the oven, perfectly baked and smelling amazing.


Lesley’s secret talent is always knowing someone you know, somehow. It’s like a sixth sense.


Favourite Job: Making dough of course
Top Hidden Talent: Bell ringing!


Kayley is creative, artistic and exudes an aura of calm even when things are manically busy.


Kayley is responsible for the baking subscriptions and kits, so she is the one you’ll find testing all the recipes and carefully packing the Freakshakes. Her recipes never, sorry, we mean always work first time, and we insist in tasting them too, of course.


Kayley lives on a narrow boat with her rabbit, and we are all jealous of how cosy it looks. If she’s not on her houseboat, she’ll be on her allotment growing weird and wonderful vegetables.


Favourite Job: Being chief development chef and top taster
Top Hidden Talent: Painting beautiful pet portraits


Emily is our packaging guru, always ensuring that your biscuits arrive safely and on time, even if it means staying until midnight.


She’s a real foodie, also helping with development of our recipes and testing them until they’re perfect – we’re always happy to taste them!


Her perfect date night is making homemade pasta or build your own burgers, and she lives with her two cats but whatever you do, don’t buy her any cat related gifts.


Favourite Job: Developing bread recipes for the monthly subscriptions
Top Hidden Talent: Turning anything into cool digital animations


Laura loves to make things look beautiful, which is pretty useful around here. She used to be a professional calligrapher, so soon after starting we had her hand lettering pretty much everything – from to do lists to signs, her writing brightens everything up.


Laura is very organised and loves to take notes, she has a very creative eye and is responsible for quite a few of our photographs as well as looking after a lot of our social media and marketing.


If Laura isn’t here, she’s busy doing up her cottage and planning new room layouts with her husband and two children.  She is a serial party planner and is always on Pinterest.


Favourite Job: Blogging and setting up flatlays
Top Hidden Talent: Singing in a jazz band

Behind The Scenes

Behind every small business, especially in the early days, is a whole team cheering them on. We started in my kitchen, and my children have grown up surrounded by biscuits. My husband put up with his fridge being full of ingredients, and my parents didn’t blink an eye at the dining room being full of packaging boxes.

One of the main bonuses of being the eldest of seven siblings, is having a whole host of talent to call upon at all hours of the day. Something has to balance having to split inheritance 7 ways.

Our band of experts:

Models (My Children, Husband, Mum and Nephews)

Social Media Expert (Sister number 4)

Chief Finance Director (Dad)

Maternity Leave Biscuit Icer (Sister number 5)

Christmas Temps (EVERYONE)

Business Partner in the beginning (Sister number 3)

Midnight Kitchen Assistant (Mum)

All Night Icer (Husband)

Cleaner – in the early days (Biscuit the Dog)

Recipe Development (Isabella, Jessica and Edward)


Favourite Job: Taste testing
Top Hidden Talent: Helping out at all hours of the day

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