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Charity Patnership

Farm Africa

We support our charity partner Farm Africa with a donation from every sale – you are helping to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Farm Africa works with farmers to grow crops, keep livestock and manage fisheries to help ensure farmers make the most of their land, with a focus on promoting the sustainable management of fields, forests, grazing lands and water resources.

Farm Africa is a perfect fit with our values – helping families grow their own food in a sustainable way, and enabling them to start small businesses selling their produce as well.

When Rebecca’s grandparents were newly married in the early 1950’s, they travelled halfway around the globe to Kenya. Her Grandpa was a surgeon and her Grandma a midwife and nurse. They worked in a hospital in rural Kenya, and shortly after arriving started their own family as well. A letter took weeks to get back to their families in England, and there was no telephone line!