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Valentines Heart Marshmallow Tutorial

Marshmallows are tipped to be the big thing this year, and having never made them before, we thought we’d better get with the times!  With Valentines Day coming up we thought we’d make some extra special, heart shaped, glittery marshmallows.  Here’s how!

We adapted our marshmallows from this Good Food recipe – rather than make them coconut flavour we opted for raspberry flavour instead, and left out the desiccated coconut.  We expected a disaster first time, but it went very smoothly – they turned out rather well!


The recipe above will walk you through the steps – you’ll need to separate the eggs and whisk the egg whites until they form stiff peaks – you should be able to hold the bowl upside down without them moving.

A sugar thermometer is very helpful – we have a nifty spatula with a thermometer inside from Lakeland.

Combine the hot sugar and whisked egg whites, plus the flavouring you’ve chosen.  We wanted to do two colours and didn’t have pans small enough so used tinfoil to make a damn.

Leave to set for a few hours, and cut out your chosen shape.  We found putting a little oil on the cookie cutter and knife made the job a lot easier – you’ll have to keep wiping and oiling as you cut or it gets a bit sticky and messy.  We then dipped the hearts in sanding sugar to make them glittery!

Voila – romantic valentines marshmallows!

We also tried some standard squares – still yummy but we don’t think they don’t look so good.

Glitter heart marshmallows on sticks, we think this much cuteness is hard to beat!  We used wooden skewers underneath the paper straws to give more stability.

Isabella was our chief taste tester and we’re pleased to report that she approved ;-)

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