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The perfect sayings to write in your fortune cookies [Valentine’s Day 2021]

Valentine's Day fortune cookies

Making Valentine fortune cookies for the one you love? But stuck on what to write in them?

This week our Fortune Cookie kits launched just in time for Valentine’s day. We’ve poured our knowledge of combining great ingredients with easy to follow recipe instructions and a box full of tasty decorations that will make this bake fool proof!

There was, however one key element that divided our bakers … 

“What do you write in a Valentine Fortune Cookie?”

We quickly discovered that everyone has a different love story to tell. Some of us are newly in loves, some have been married for over 10 years and some are living their greatest Beyonce Single Ladies. So trying to pen 15 Valentine’s quotes together soon became a labour of love all by itself.

The answer to this most hotly debated bakery topic of 2021 was clear, we’ll hand this great responsibility over to you. In our baking kit box we’ve included colourful strips of plain paper to enclose inside your fortune cookies. We give you full reign to be as outwardly affectionate as you like…or don’t like, the choice for how high you want to ramp up the affection is yours.

To help you on the way to literary fortune greatness we have rounded up our best lines to give you lots of inspiration as you write out your fortune cookie sayings.

Valentine's Day fortune cookiesSweetness Level: Just a pinch 

  1. You are one smart cookie
  2. I am fortunate to have you 
  3. Be my Valentine 
  4. You’re my favourite 
  5. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I made this fortune cookie especially for you

Sweetness Level: A generous dollop!

  1. I will always love you 
  2. Together Forever 
  3. Happy ever after is easy with you 
  4. Love, Hugs and good fortunes
  5. I believe in you 

Sweetness Level: 99% sugar, 1% sugar alternative 

  1. Our love was meant to be
  2. Life is sweeter with someone like you 
  3. I’d always pick you 
  4. You are my everything
  5. My heart is wherever you are

Sweetness Level: Sugarfree and Punny!

  1. Be a whisk taker
  2. Oh Snap!
  3. You bake me feel better
  4. You are just ‘write’ for me 
  5. I’m nuts about you (great for our dark chocolate and pistachio decorations!)

Sweetness Level: Lockdown 3.0

  1. Quarantine partners for life
  2. Spread love not a virus
  3. Home is where the snacks are
  4. If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere
  5. Let’s open a bottle of support bubbles

Valentine's Day fortune cookiesSo there we have it, our best sayings to add to your Valentine Fortune Cookies. We really love this kit despite our collective disagreement on how lovey is too lovey! Have you got a Valentine’s saying to add to one of our lists? 

This kit along with our full Valentine’s gift range for 2021 are available to shop now here, from baking kits to personalised biscuit sets, we hope however you are spending Valentine’s day 2021 that you have a happy and safe one. We may not be around all our loved ones but we can certainly let them know that they are loved!

From all of us here at Honeywell HQ

Happy Valentine’s x

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