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Throw A Sustainable Party


With the warmer weather, long days and summer holidays on the horizon thoughts turn to BBQs and parties in the garden.

Gathering with friends and family is a true joy, and after the last tricky few years is something we can all relax and enjoy more of this year.  Of course it is inevitable that with a party comes a need for lovely things – table decorations, bunting and delicious food and drink.



 Here are our ideas for a beautiful table full of colour, beauty and plant friendly happiness:

Living centrepieces 

Try putting living herbs or flowers in pots on the table.  They not only look and smell gorgeous but their beauty and use continues long afterwards.  You could even have the right herbs to compliment your food and drink – a sprinkle of thyme on your bruschetta or sprig of fresh mint in your mojito anyone?


Did you know that many fresh flowers have a huge carbon and chemical footprint? However there are more and more environmentally conscious flower farms are appearing in the UK, take a look at Flowers From The Farm to find out more and to find a supplier of beautiful, season, British Blooms close to you.  Petalon is another favourite of ours and are responsible for the beautiful hand held bouquet in the image above.

Compostable Disposables  

Let’s be honest, we know single use is not ideal but sometimes it is so much easier.   If you do decide to use single use items look for a compostable options such as Vegware. These items tend to be commercially compostable rather than home compostable, so will need to go with your green household waste – if your council doesn’t collect it then the local tip should have a green waste section.  Please do not put anything compostable in a bin that will end up in landfill -they cannot break down due to a lack of oxygen and release horribly damaging methane.


Investing a little time and money now will set you up for many years of beautiful parties, inside and out.

Quality outdoor table wear

protect your finest crockery from slippery little fingers or tipsy adults and buy something you will be able to use year after year.  Far better for the planet than disposable items, good quality enamel looks lovely, and will last many years.  Falcon Enammelware do a range of colours if the traditional blue and white isn’t your thing.

Rag bunting 

Far prettier than it sounds, just check out the photos from our 10th party! You could use old clothes or buy scraps of fabric from eBay.  Simply cut or tear it into the length and width you like and tie it to a strip of ribbon or twine.  Try tying it in a way that will let it flutter in the summer breeze for the biggest impact.


There are so many secondhand items around now that it would be a waste not to look for something that is ‘new to you’ and spruce it up with a lick of paint or a nice tablecloth.  Alternatively borrow from friends or family – anything that reduces the need to always buy more is a winner in our book.

Remember it is better to be ‘Eco-ish‘ than not at all –  every small change makes a difference.


The food, it’s all about the food! What is a gathering of loved ones without delicious food?  Whether that be delicate canapés or big fat burgers oozing with cheese and sauces – the food is a vital part of getting together.


It is always best, for you and for the planet, to buy organic if you can.  The welfare of animals tends to be higher and far less chemicals are used making organic a much better choice for the soil, insects and waterways.

From the farmer

Buying direct can be cheaper for you and more profitable for the farmer.  This way you will also know its origins and the majority of farmers will be more than happy to discuss the welfare of their animals with you.

Fruit and veg 

Often supermarket fruit and vegetables are in plastic or those horrid utterly pointless, nets.  Local markets offer an opportunity to buy without the packaging, and often the produce is much fresher and seasonal.

Bake at home

Consider whether you can make some things yourself, bread for example is actually very easy and for the price of a bag of organic flour and some yeast you could serve your guests the most delicious fresh treats straight from the oven.

I hope this has been helpful, as always I’d love to hear your thoughts so please do get in touch.


Honeywell Biscuit Co

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