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In the Bakery: September’s Baking Club Subscriptions

In the Bakery:

September’s Baking Club Subscriptions

Was it just me, or did it feel like Summer just swept by in a flash flood?

All the same, I’m very happy about the approaching season – Autumn is my absolute favourite, and (in my personal opinion) conjures up the most fantastic flavour combinations and textures, and so we’ve touched a little on some of these flavours in this months bakes.

It’s not quite gold and yellow leaf territory, but September, in my mind is a transitional month between Summer and Autumn, and I hope this comes across in some the recipes.


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Bread Club

Steamed Wasabi Bao Buns

We know this choice is a little different to what you might usually expect from the Bread Club, but we were really keen to try something new, and we all fell in love with these Wasabi Bar Buns.

The recipe isn’t terribly complex, and the process isn’t too long either, but the end result was incredibly tasty, so much so, I really did eat at least a third of the buns…

I would thoroughly recommend prepping your stuffing beforehand, spiced, marinated and slow cooked Char Sui pork would be fantastic, but fresh crunchy veg really worked beautifully against the light and fluffy texture of the buns, too.

We accompanied ours with a simple dipping sauce combining a little of each of the following to suit your taste:

  • Toasted sesame oil
  • Light soy sauce
  • Chilli flakes

Here are a few tips and tricks to help with this bake:

  • You can opt to avoid or reduce the amount of Wasabi, if you’re not a huge fan of this taste.
  • Feel free to experiment with the shapes you’re creating – we made a variety of bao buns and burger style buns.
  • If you wished to reserve some of the Wasabi powder, you could mix some with your chosen mayo to accompany your fillings.

Bakers Club

Salted Pretzel & Caramel Brownie

Our Shakes, Bakes & Subs Assistant, Deanne, put together this delicious recipe due to her love for New York, specifically inspired by street pretzels.

During her time in New York, she made sure to put aside $5 each day for a street pretzel, and wanted to combine that nostalgic and salty flavour with a truly outstanding brownie recipe.

Though brownies may seem a little less technical than some other bakes, they really require a keen eye and careful hand to ensure they are not overworked or overbaked.

I firmly believe brownies are a wonderful carrier for varying flavours and textures, and this is now a staple recipe in the Bakery.

We have a few tips to share to help ensure a successful bake:

  • To elevate the flavour, you could always opt to add some popcorn for extra crunch!
  • You can adjust the cook time depending on the brownie texture you most prefer – reduce a little if you prefer a gooey texture, or increase if you prefer more of a cake like vibe.
  • Why not try adding some roasted, salted peanuts for a snickerdoodle hit?

Young Bakers Club

Sunflower Cupcakes

September often makes me think of the first day of a new school term.

Each September, from Reception until Secondary School, my parents requested a photo next to the tallest sunflower in our garden, on the very first day of the new term.

This tradition is something I’d like to continue with my children, as my Daughter begins her schooling journey in September too.

We thought these cupcakes would be a really fun way to recreate those nostalgic sunflowers – whilst also helping to teach very worthwhile piping skills at the same time!

We have the following top tips to help with this months recipe:

  • If you’re a little stuck as to how to create this piping tip using the bag supplied – please do have a google or get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to elaborate!
  • Look to achieve a light and fluffy texture for the buttercream.
  • Use a teaspoon to help place the crumb in the centre without dropping elsewhere.

Please share images of your bakes and tag us!



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