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Impact Report 2024

I am delighted to share our second impact report.  Time really does fly, it is crazy to think we have now been a Certified B Corp for 2 years, and that next year, in 2025 we will be recertifying.

As you may know, Certified B Corps are required to write and publicly share an impact report annually.  Some are snazzy, some are short.  Some are simply factual, some are pretty comical.

What unites them all is that they are about a business’s quest to be as good as they can be.  To balance people and the planet with profit, and to always look to improve, no matter how small the changes may be.


To read about how we operate alongside the 5 categories of Governance, Workers, Environment, Community and Customers please click the link below:


I hope you enjoy reading all about us, and would love to hear your thoughts.  Just click here to visit our contact page.

Thank you :-) 


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