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We’ve been trying our hand at watercolour painting

The inspiration behind the sets

Many moons ago, inspired by all her gorgeous hand-painted cakes on Instagram, Rebecca headed down to The Big Smoke to attend one of Nevie Pie’s cake painting masterclasses. She spent the day being taught lots of amazing tips and tricks from a very talented bunch. She still favours the brushes she got from the class and would highly recommend attending one if you’re keen to get into food painting.

Since then, the Honeywell Bakes watercolour Pinterest board has been growing rapidly, and Becky has put her watercolour painting to the test. But, this time, she took to painting biscuits and now her and the team have honed their skills and created a whole new range of watercolour biscuits, with sets suitable for any occasion.

Don’t worry, we use edible paint which not only looks pretty, but doesn’t make a difference to our biscuits taste.

Get Well Soon Biscuit Pill Gift Set


Introducing the watercolour range…

  • Know a friend who is ill and needs some extra TLC? Perhaps these lovely hand-painted pills will cheer them up!
  • What to show someone a bit of extra love? I reckon these hand-painted (and gold-leafed) Splash of Pink biscuits will do the trick.
  • Is it a friend’s birthday and you want to show them how much they mean to you on their special day? Ensure they have a balloon with this pretty, intricate set.
  • Dying to ask your best mate to help you walk down the isle? Why not say it with something sweet? These should do the trick.
  • Know someone who has welcomed a new person into the world? Well, they definitely deserve a sweet treat after all that hard work! And what better way to say ‘well done’ and ‘hello’ than with these cute clouds.
  • And, last but certainly not least, because in retail Christmas feels like its jussssst around the corner (I know, I know, it’s months away but it’s our busiest time of the year so we have to be super prepared and organised) is our festive set – we aren’t launching it just yet for fear of scaring/annoying you lovely lot with Christmas chat too early, but look out on our Instagram for sneak peaks.

Which one is your favourite?

If you love watercolour and have an idea you don’t see here, we are more than happy to create bespoke sets. Just get in touch via email and we will go from there.

hand painted watercolour sets

hand painted unique biscuit gift sets









Did you find this post helpful? Let us know! We are a small, creative business looking to grow and learn – feedback is optional, but much appreciated. Contact us at [email protected]

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