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The Great Biscuit Bake Off – GBBO is back!

Hoorah! The Great British Bake Off has returned to our screens, and along with it, the wonderfully hilarious GBBO: Extra Slice!

GBBO usually kicks off with Cake Week, however this year they’ve decided to flip the script and surprise us all with BISCUIT WEEK. As I’m sure you can imagine, to say we were excited was an understatement.

Regional Biscuits

The first challenge tested bakers to produce a biscuit inspired by their hometown or region.

We really loved Kim-Joy’s ‘York’ biscuits including her beautiful piped flower detail – what a gorgeous technique for a delicate finish.

We also wished we could taste Anthony’s biscuits with that delicious mango & chilli jam! What an ambitious and warming choice of flavours – yum!

Our heart went out to Terry during his chocolate lamb fiasco – tempering chocolate is never the easiest – let alone in the heatwave we’ve just encountered.

Technical Challenge

We wheely liked this challenge (see what we did there? ;) )

The often underrated Wagon Wheel is no joke – these are complicated biscuits.

The marshmallow alone is a tough challenge, let alone to perfect every other element in this bake.

We thought Briony and Ruby did an amazing job here – have you been inspired to give them a go?

Show-Stopper Challenge

A selfie challenge is no easy task – but the included requirement to ensure the biscuit can stand-up too truly is a challenge.

As self-confessed biscuit connoisseurs, we would have recommended using a good dough to yield a solid base for your biscuit structure.

Our personal favourites were Kim-Joy’s magnificent Japanese garden creation and Terry’s ingenious brandy snap face mould, which was ambitious, amazing and a little creepy, all rolled into one.

Our Show-Stopper

We love GBBO here at Honeywell Bakes HQ – and as a result we’ve decided to produce a biscuit each week, inspired by the show-stopper challenge from each episode.

This week’s Show Stopper challenge was a selfie biscuit, but don’t worry, we’re not going to bombard you with our faces; we thought you’d appreciate some more familiar characters – yes, that’s right, Prue, Paul, Noel and Sandi on biscuits!

Sadi Toksvig
Noel Fielding


We’re incredibly lucky to have truly talented members of staff, including Hollie, who really is a hand-painter extraordinaire – she spent around 2 hours on each biscuit you see below – hand-painting with no stencils or guides, just using her creative eye and artistic ability – aren’t they amazing?

Paul Hollywood
Prue Leith

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