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Our Favourite 4th July Recipes

Stars and stripes inspired 4th July sugar cookie

Happy 4th July to all our lovely American friends and family

Although the UK and the USA may not have the most co-operative relations at the moment, what we certainly can agree on, is that America has some of THE best desserts in the entire world.
We’re talking pancakes stacks smothered in syrup.
We’re thinking insanely, salty sweet peanut butter and chocolate combinations.
We’re craving that sweetly spiced (and much longed for) pumpkin pie.
Stars and stripes inspired 4th July sugar cookie
So because we couldn’t choose just one amazing recipe, we’ve put together a round-up of our most favourite US inspired dishes here for your pleasure.
Whether you’re looking for inspiration for an American themed party or event, or perhaps you just have a hankering for a something decadent and delicious – this list should definitely help you out.

1. Clinton St. Baking Co.’s Famous Blueberry Pancakes

Clinton St Baking Co’s Blueberry Pancakes by Top With Cinnamon
These light and fluffy pancakes served with silky maple butter are possibly the ultimate American breakfast.
Why not go one step further by adding some maple infused bacon or sausage for a ‘Lumberjack’s Stack’?
If you’re perhaps looking for a healthier breakfast option, there are plenty of ‘hack’ style recipes available on Pinterest. Some use protein powder as a replacement, and we’ve also seen some that have been created using only 3 ingredients, mainly based around banana and oats.
The possibilities are endless!

2. New York Style Cheesecake with Strawberries

New York style Cheesecake with strawberries

We know there are a billion variations in terms of cheesecake flavour combinations, but sometimes, only the classic will do.

There is something so comforting about that warm and hearty vanilla flavour.

Paired with some freshly picked, juicy strawberries (or even mixed berries, if available!) and you have the perfect summer dish, that really feels like home.

Try this beautiful New York style cheesecake recipe and we can guarantee it will hit the spot!





3. 90-minute Brown Butter Cinnamon Rolls

90-minute Brown Butter Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are an ultimate favourite of mine.

I can’t quite describe my glee when very ungracefully tearing apart a cream cheese glazed freshly baked sugary cinnamon roll of heaven.
This love affair began on a trip to La Jolla, San Diego with our friends.
Every morning, we would wake up super early, but our friends were still snoring – so we made a habit of popping to a nearby Peets Coffee.
One taste of a cinnamon roll, and I was hooked. I’ve spent years trying to recreate the ultimate recipe.
So trust me, when I tell you this is a good one!

4. The Ultimate Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

The Ultimate Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake
I’m so glad that we’re starting to see more Reese’s products here in the UK now. There are so many drool-worthy recipes I’ve wanted to create over the years, but have always had to rely on some lovely peanut care packages from our friends in the states in order to make them.
Thankfully you should be able to find everything you need in the UK for this recipe, so there is no excuse but to try it.
Peanut butter + chocolate + stretchy trousers + cold milk = as close to Heaven as you’re going to get.
The stretchy trousers are key here, trust us you’ll want more.



5. Nonnie’s Kentucky Derby Pie

Kentucky Derby Pie

I’ve sadly never been to a restaurant here in the UK serving Kentucky Derby Pie, so this leaves me no choice but to make my own.

I really love this recipe, and think you will too! It’s everything you could want from a dessert!
One of the best things about a Kentucky Derby Pie is that it really works in every season – though hearty and comforting in Autumn and Winter, it can still prevail as a decadent stand-out dish in Spring and Summer too.
How are you celebrating 4th July today?
Do you have any family recipes you create time and time again?

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