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So, you want to order a set of biscuits but you’ve got a few burning questions before you do? Well firstly, rest assured the biscuits themselves certainly won’t be burnt, and hopefully in this post we can put to bed any other queries you may have to make your biscuit ordering as smooth as our icing.

I’m wanting to save my biscuits, how long will they keep?

They’ll last for up to 2 weeks in the Honeywell Biscuit Co gift packaging, but if you transfer them to an airtight container or request that they are sealed into an airtight cellophane bag, they’ll keep sweet for 2 months.

Top tip: Request that they are sealed into a cellophane packet at checkout if you think you’ll be able to resist for longer than 2 weeks, or are saving them for a very special occasion – this extends the shelf life to 2 months. It makes no difference to the look and feel of the outer packaging, the biscuits are simply sealed in airtight, transparent cellophane before they are gift boxed. We don’t do this to all of our biscuits as we’re looking to reduce plastic waste.

How will the biscuits be delivered?

Our biscuit gift boxes are designed to fit through a standard letter box, so the lucky receiver can arrive home to a no-fuss treat on their doormat. Lovely.

By the way, everything is sent First Class Royal Mail unless you nominate a day at checkout. In this case, they will be guaranteed to be delivered on the date you select.

Please note: if you’ve chosen the large set for more to ‘share’, there are some letter boxes that might not quite be large enough for the box to fit through. 

But, will they arrive looking as pretty as when they left the bakery?

Yes, indeed. Each biscuit is handmade, and we pride ourselves on taking great care to make each biscuit gift sets as beautiful as possible, and we wouldn’t want that hard work ruined in transit. So, we have designed our bespoke boxes carefully to ensure they are super study and can withstand their journey, even if its a treacherous one and the postie accidentally sits on them!

I have friends further afield that I’d like to send a sweet treat to, is that possible?

Of course. We want friends far and wide to be able to enjoy our unique handmade biscuits, so we can ship to most of Europe and for anyone even further exceptions may be made. Just ask!

I’ve got an idea, can you make something bespoke

We can, and we most certainly will. We love bespoke orders here at Honeywell Bakes – taking a concept and making it a reality is one of our favourite things to do. So, if you’ve got something you want to see in biscuit form, get in touch. From Harry Potter, to a special kind of ‘buns’ for Coppa Feel, to emojis, to hand painted floral prettiness.  Basically, we can marble, gold leaf, hand paint, pun, intricately ice or brand until your hearts are content. Our Instagram is full of ideas if you’re stuck for them.

I’d like to order some biscuits for a corporate order, can you do large orders?

It’s not all about size, but if that’s what you’re after, we certainly deliver it! Our largest order of biscuits was 4,000 so our team is fully capable. Again, we love this part of the job – creativity is our speciality!

I’d like to treat my friend to a larger gift, perhaps a biscuit subscription, is that possible?

Of course. We, of all people, understand that sometimes just one set of biscuits isn’t enough so enter our biscuit subscription option. This can be chosen to last for 3, 6 or 12 months. Or, if you or the lucky receiver  has a particularly sweet tooth, it can be rolling on until we are told to stop. Each month, they will leave fresh from the bakery to land on your doorstep in one of our medium gift boxes. These boxes have been designed to be letter box friendly, so if you aren’t there to welcome them they will be there for when you arrive home. There will always be 6-8 biscuits ready to enjoy.

Did you find this post helpful? Let us know! We are a small, creative business looking to grow and learn – feedback is optional, but much appreciated. Contact us at [email protected]

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