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Earth Day 2023: Invest In Our Planet

This Earth Day has the theme ‘Invest In Our Planet’ – we know the climate emergency is real, but also that all is not lost.

Did you know that studies show that 45% of Gen Z have stopped buying from brands with poor ethical and sustainability practices? That is HUGE and no doubt the number will grow.  As more and more business change their practices and become more environmentally and ethically aware the choice for working for and buying from businesses that are truly committed to doing good grows. 

In this blog I outline some great places where you can find more information about Earth Day and climate change, and finish on a high with positive news.  Because despite how it may feel there is SO much good happening but all too often we are not aware and it can all feel a little heavy and pointless.

I hope this blogs helps you to learn about the differences you can make, and that it also leaves you feeling inspired for a better future for all.


As with many things in life jargon can muddle our brains and make it hard to digest information.  Whilst some of us are great at interpreting statistics and understanding technical documents for others a simple approach is preferred.  One where you can find out factual information in simple language.

Greenpeace provides answers to all sorts of questions here.

From the causes of climate change to a breakdown of the Paris Agreement it is a site full of useful information and also has some wonderful positive stories such as an article on ocean sanctuaries.



Make Your Money Matter (MYMM) is a fantastic website which exposes the links between banks and fossil fuels.  Did you know that in 2022 alone the big 5 banks – HSBC, Lloyds, Santander, Natwest and Barclays – funneled $37 BILLION into the fossil fuel industry.  Put simply it makes them a huge amount of money, but oil is a precious and finite resource that needs to be treated as the amazing product that it is and used only where it is truly necessary.

The website includes a link to write to your bank to ask them to stop funding fossil fuels which couldn’t be simpler – you input a few details and MYMM does the rest.

You will also find information on green pensions here.  Did you know that having a green pension is 21 times more powerful at cutting your carbon footprint than giving up flying, going vegetarian and switching energy provider.  Of course these things are important too but the impact of where our money is invested is MASSIVE!


I am well aware that at times it can feel that we cannot make a difference and that there is no point, that we are past a point of no return.

That is simply not the case and I hope this little section helps you to feel positive about the future and the positive impact you make on this wonderful planet that we are fortunate to inhabit.

Water: Not so long ago European countries had problems with their waterways similar to those that the UK is facing today.  However now, after extensive investment in water treatment and infrastructure, even some capital cities have areas that are safe to swim in.  The UK can learn from these countries and we can get back to safe swimming spots in our cities too.  Read more here.

Rewilding: The world’s first rewilding centre has opened in the Scottish Highlands.  The 10,000 acre landscape was bought by a community and is being sensitively nursed back to health after years of overgrazing by sheep, cattle and deer.  Dundreggan Rewilding Centre is now firmly on my ‘to visit’ list!

To keep up to date with fascinating, inspirational, positive global news stories visit Positive News.

As always, I hope you have found this intersting, and if you have any comments or questions please do get in touch! 


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