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DIY Father’s Day Gift – Easy To Make Meringue Kisses

As summer finally shows it’s golden head, a celebration is approaching on that lovely,(hopefully) sunny horizon. It is, of course, Father’s Day!

And, this one people is not to be shunned and certainly not to be forgotten! Not if you want to hold on to your title of ‘Best Child Ever’… And trust us, it will come around faster than you think. Especially for us…

It’s really nice to get your Dad a card and a uniquie gift or present to show him how much care, but it is equally as nice to make him something too. So, we are going to be giving you a few DIY options, if you fancy taking the baking matters into your own hands.

First up, and a very sweet way to show you care, are these meringue kisses. These are perfect if you have any leftover egg whites or you can use the yolks to make a custard later on, win-win!

Father’s Day Gift Method

All you need to do is use your favourite meringue recipe (we used this one from Good Food), then add some food colouring to the mixture. I’d choose his favourite colour if I were you! Extra brownie points… It’s best if you can use gel food colouring, but if you don’t have any just use liquid, only use a tiny bit though, otherwise they might turn out a bit more vibrant than you expect! Once it is all mixed in, pop it into a piping bag, and put a star fitting tip on the end.

Then, pipe out little (or large, if you prefer) kisses onto some baking paper until the mixture is gone. Cook as per the instructions and there you have it, a lovely batch of pink kisses to make him (and, lets be honest, probably you) very happy! Oh, and make sure you don’t the oven too hot, that might make the kisses brown, which is not quite as appealing.

Presentation is key

These look lovely in a box with some tissue paper and go very well with some British strawberries. You’ll have one very happy Dad on your hands!


Want more?

Oh, and if you’re into DIY baking, why not join our Facebook group where we have lots of video tutorials and biscuit giveaways once a month – we had you at giveaways didn’t we? Go on, join in the fun.

Father's Day Meringue Kisses DIY gift

Father's Day Meringue Kisses DIY gift

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