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DIY Moon-Phase Glazed Biscuits

DIY Moon-Phase Glazed Biscuits

Inspired by darker nights, the mysterious atmosphere that November brings, and the ever-bright twinkling stars, we wanted to create a super fun and easy celestial inspired icing tutorial for the whole family to enjoy.

The Biscuit Base

Opting for your go-to biscuit recipe, make and chill a batch, before rolling out and cutting each of the moon phase shapes.

Cut out as many as you would like, and place on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper, before baking.

Making the Icing

Create a white icing base, using sifted icing sugar and water – mix together very well until quite runny.

Once ready, pour into a bowl or high sided plate.

Next, assemble your gel food colours of choice – we opted for navy, turquoise and orchid purple.

Set aside one small glass of water, and an empty bowl for used toothpicks to be disposed in.

Dip a toothpick in the water, and then collect a tiny blob of gel colour, dropping randomly into the white icing base.

Repeat this with all colours, using a fresh toothpick for each colour.

Once all the drops are in, use a fresh toothpick to start swirling your icing colours – this is where the magic happens!

Dip it!

Now it’s time to gently dip the surface of your biscuit into the icing.

If any areas aren’t covered when you lift the biscuit out, use a toothpick to drop a little icing from the bowl onto the biscuit and level out a little.

Once all your biscuits are iced, leave them on a drying rack to set, slightly.

Wet a paintbrush with a drop of metallic edible paint, and hold in one hand, whilst gently tapping the handle of the brush to create ‘splats’ or ‘speckles’ on each shape.

Finishing Touches

You can add any additional extras that you might like to finish your biscuits.

We opted add some edible metallic stars!


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