Can you Find the Golden Egg Box?

There are 5 to find – will your order include the golden egg box?

As Easter is approaching, we decided that we would do something a little fun!

It’s a sort of a treasure hunt, (but sadly the egg boxes are not made a real gold) and there are 5 egg boxes to find.

If your order arrives, and you find you are a lucky customer with a golden egg box, you will win a surprise!

Here’s a quick run down of how it works:

  • There are 5 golden egg boxes in total
  • If your Easter Chick biscuits arrive in a golden egg box, look for the sticker on the inside of the lid.
  • Follow the instructions on the sticker to win your surprise!

Golden egg boxes have been randomly used to package 5 orders – will you find one?

Want to join the hunt?

You can order your Easter Chick biscuits here!

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