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Business biscuits, your way – from concept to delivery, we work with you to ensure everything is just so. We know your branding has to be spot on, so we offer a range of different options to make the cookies fit with your business perfectly. You will create a lasting impression long after the sweet taste has gone.

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Essentially, whatever your business biscuit dreams, we’ve got you covered, but here are a few options to help whet your appetite:

Biscuit Flavours

Add some flavour or spice to your brand. The most popular flavour is vanilla, as everyone loves it, but you could also choose chocolate, gingerbread or if you fancy something else, let’s talk. We’ve made lots of unusual flavours from pink grapefruit biscuits to a hint of rosemary.

Edible Ink Printed Branding

We can print your logo or branding directly onto icing sheets in house, which then fit perfectly on top of a biscuit (with a layer of icing in between, as they don’t taste as delicious without this). The print quality is very high – it’s close to photo quality. Have a look at our Olay Biscuits on our Pinterest board for an idea of just how good the printing looks. Simple, precise and very effective.

Printed circle biscuits will be the least stretch on your wallet, with rectangles next. Or, if you are after a custom made shape, that’s no problem either.  Depending on volume, packaging, and size edible ink printed log biscuits start at £2.50 each for a circle biscuit and £3 for a rectangle or square biscuit.

Edible ink printed branded business biscuits

Stamped Icing

Want to get your logo stamped into the icing? Absolutely no dramas. Once we’ve got the stamp, all you need to do is tell us what colour and which shape you’d like your biscuit, and we will whip your business biscuits up in no time. Please note though that there is a minimum 2 week lead time to have a custom stamp made.  Stamped biscuits begin at £2.50 each.

Stamped branded logo biscuit

Royal Icing Piped Biscuits

We’ve had quite a bit of practice at piping, and they say practice makes perfect! So let us pipe your cookies for a perfect work of art, on a biscuit, just like Cath Kidston did. You can see how theirs turned out on our Pinterest board.  As a guide, hand piped biscuits begin at £3.50 and the price is dependant on the complexity of the design. For a complicated design, the prices goes up to £8 per biscuit.

Painted Biscuits

Add a splash of watercolour paint for a sophisticated swish of colour. All of our paints are edible, of course, and are very on trend. They look beautiful, but don’t alter the taste of the biscuits. You can have a look at our watercolour collection here for inspiration. These painted biscuits begin at £3 each for a simple watercolour. The below hand painted designs would be £7 each.

Presentation and Packaging 

The biscuits come loose and in airtight packaging that keeps the cookies fresh for a month. But, if you are wanting to divvy the biscuits out one by one, we can wrap them individually in cellophane bags. This is perfect for people to take away after a meeting, or a press conference, like Instagram did. Again, the biscuits will last for 1 month with this option, or, if you think they’ll be kept for slightly longer, you can have the cellophane sealed for a shelf life of 2 months. Let us know if you want us to use a branded sticker to seal the bags.


Bespoke Biscuit Gift Box Pricing

Our Honeywell Bakes gift boxes come in three sizes; small, medium and large.  The gift boxes are very sturdy and designed to safely transport the biscuits through the post.

We price individually based on design and volume, but as a guide the prices are in the region of:

Small Gift Box (110x160x20mm): 1 – 3 biscuits, price guide £10 –15

Medium (150x220x20mm): 5 – 6 biscuits, price guide £25-£30

Large (200x280x20mm): 8 – 10 biscuits, price guide £35-£40

Biscuit Gift Tin

Want to pop them in a tin for even more biscuits, a 2 month shelf life, and a tin they can keep? No problem. Tins will hold 14 – 20 biscuits and cost around £45, depending on the contents of course!

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging offers that extra brand experience, and we are happy to source it for you.  The options available depend on volume and lead time available.

If you want a A6 box in brown, white or black you can expect the cost to be around £15 per box, including biscuits.

Or, if you want custom, branded tin, the price will be approximately £50 per tin. Branded tins have a lead time of 4 weeks.

Get Creative

Want to make something extra special out of biscuit? We can make wreaths, boxes, put them in baubles or, well, we’ll try our hand at anything. Cosmopolitan commissioned us to make decorated biscuit boxes, with perfume bottles inside to celebrate National Perfume Day. Have a look here. Please note these are collection only, as they don’t like being sent through the post.

Extra Touches

Would you like to add a note, pop in some branded flyers or a card? You are more than welcome to send these (and more, if you wish) to us to add in with the business biscuits. If you need some inspiration, our business biscuit page on our website might help.

Biscuit Delivery Options

And then, even when all the biscuit have been made, decorated, and perfectly branded, there are still options! Either we can send them to you to post or hand out, or, if you would prefer us to take the delivery into our own hands we can organise for our courier or postman to pick them up straight from the bakery, and have them arrive with the lucky receiver on a date you choose. Just like Elizabeth Arden did when they sent their branded biscuits to The Times press conference.


Did you find this post helpful? Let us know! We are a small, creative business looking to grow and learn – feedback is optional, but much appreciated. Contact us at [email protected]

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