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B Corp Month: We Go Beyond Because

March is B Corp month and we are so proud to be able to participate this year alongside so many fantastic B Corps around the world. 


The theme for B Corp month is ‘WE GO BEYOND’.

B Corps worldwide are encouraged to share their ‘why’ during March; to explain what B Corp means to them, and to encourage and inspire others to join this incredible movement as a force for good.



To us the reason we go beyond is clear: there is no planet B. 

At Honeywell Bakes we love B Corp because it is a holistic assessment. 

Rather than focus on one area it requires businesses to look at all their practices – from supply chain, to energy provider, water use, the way a team is treated through to legal policies and practices that are in place. 

 Is it daunting when you start out? Yes indeed! 

But it is absolutely achievable – after all the process is not meant to be easy, if it was everyone would certify and it would not serve its purpose of separating those that are doing great things from the crowd.

We chose to become B Corp certified as proof of our committment to balancing people, the planet and profit. 


 We want to show our customers, our supply chain, our team, and the world that we are committed to being a force for good. 

 The B Corp principles are now written into our Articles of Association and this means it is ingrained into the business, no matter what happens.

We love being part of the B Corp community, part of a rapidly growing group of people and businesses that are working together for a better future. 

 Gone are the days of keeping quiet so the competition don’t learn your secrets – B Corps want to share. They want to help, to encourage and to see other B Corps thrive. 


Because together is the way we will change the world.



Honeywell Bakes was started around the kitchen table by my sisters Rebecca and Rosie. We grew up in the Northamptonshire countryside, with a total of 7 siblings and no TV, so many hours were spent in the fields around our home. Being both considerate to nature and resourceful were part of life, whether it was finding a way to snaffle blackberries without getting our arms scratched to shreds, or wrapping our feet in plastic bags to stave off the cold on a snowy day (try it, it works!), we grew up knowing we were lucky and that it was important to look after everything and everyone around us.

Rebecca and Rosie knew that they wanted to create beautiful, bespoke, hand iced biscuits that were not only delicious but were good for people and the planet. 

 From the very beginning ethics and sustainability were at the heart of what Honeywell Bakes was about. 

As the business has grown the ethos has remained, Rosie has moved on to pastures new but Rebecca remains at the helm, and all decisions are made by looking at the whole picture.


This is not to say Honeywell Bakes is perfect, we are not. 

Our delivery network uses diesel vehicles as part of their fleet for example, but we are aware of where the issues lie and we are always looking to improve, learn and adapt.

We want to be here for the long term and for our business activities to cause as little harm as possible.

 We want our team to feel valued and happy, and be able to come to work as the unique individuals that they are.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you!


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