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Top 5 Self-Care Tips

Top 5 Self-Care Tips

Don’t forget about you, this Valentine’s Day

Regardless of your relationship status, it’s far too easy to feel swept up in Valentine’s Day madness, as February creeps up.

As a Mother and a wife, I know very well how easy it is to get very caught up in looking after everyone else but yourself – whether it’s arranging appointments or buying last minute birthday gifts for the family members with the birthdays nobody seems 100% sure of.

Sorry, Aunty Tina – I truly don’t know whether it’s the 10th or the 11th. Love you though!

As one of my favourite icons, RuPaul, reminds me very often:

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?


With that in mind I think it’s high time, to prioritise ourselves this Valentine’s Day.

Whether that’s buying that something you’ve been lusting after (yes, treat yo’ self!) or making time to do something you LOVE, we’ve come together as a team to collate our best self-care tips to share with you.

No 1. Mindfulness

This is quite a personal tip but try to find the circumstances in which you find the space to just be – feel at peace and calm.

One of our team members, Deanne, spends time every Tuesday at a Crochet group – it’s her creative and soothing outlet. Find yours and dedicate some time to it each week!

No 2. Forest Bathing

A technique developed in Japan, it’s about taking time to get outside amongst nature, whether it be a dog walk, an adventure exploration or a ramble after a particularly filling Sunday Roast. Oh, and don’t worry, there’s no need for nudity, as the name might suggest – unless you want to, of course!

No 3. Talk!

Something most of us do regularly, but how often are we truly honest when responding to ‘how are you?’.

Whether it’s talking to a friend, loved one, colleague or a mental health professional – opening up just a little bit about those worries swirling around in your head, might help to reduce the burden just a little – and at least remind you that you’re not alone.

No 4. Romanticize the everyday

On a personal level, I’ve found this quite helpful recently – often on weekend evenings, pining the pre-kid’s spontaneity of going out for a dinner or catching a film at the cinema – I’ve flipped the focus onto the positive. I now look forward to making the most out of my weekend evening, planning a cosy movie night in, complete with snacks too!

This tip is really about trying to shift your focus, and trying to pick out the good, over the bad.

No 5. Be good to your body

It seems a simple one, but it’s so easy to forget the essentials – drink water, get a good nights sleep (when possible!), try to get in your 5 a day, and why not even throw in an at-home mani or pedi here and there?

If it makes you feel good, and it’s good for you, go for it!

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