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3 Creative Ways to Use Your Festive House Baking Kit

Tis’ the season to create an enviable festive treat!

If you’ve longed to learn to pipe icing like the pros or create edible art worthy of a good Instagram shot, the ‘Festive House Baking Kit’ is this years’ perfect go-to gift.

Each set comes with 8 pre-baked house biscuits, a template for your icing designs, royal icing and a piping bag to get started!

Festive House Baking Kit
Festive House Baking Kit

There are 2 types of icing needed when icing beautiful biscuits. 

Line Icing

Consistency: Like Toothpaste 

Piping nice straight lines that hold their shape and give form to any design requires a thicker icing. Here in the bakery we compare it to the thickness of toothpaste. Squeezable but thick enough that when piped it comes out in a clean line. 

To create line icing, start conservatively with a teaspoon of water added to the royal icing sugar at a time. It will be tempting to add more at the beginning, but hold your nerve, the line between line icing and flood icing is quite thin, one overzealous tip in of water will ruin your mood and your line icing!

Flood Icing 

Consistency: Single Cream

If you want to fill in parts of your icing design, you’ll find filling large areas with line icing hard work, instead we create a flood icing that runs into open spaces and dries perfectly flat. Create large outline shapes with your line icing and then flood with this looser consistency icing, the line icing will act as a well to hold the flood icing in place.

To create flood icing, add a little more water to your toothpaste (line) icing, you can tell a good flood icing with this handy test:

With a spoon, drizzle the icing back into the bowl in sweeping motions, if the icing trails disappear within twenty seconds, you have the perfect flood icing, bag it up and you’re ready to go!

more than a cake decoration
Festive House Baking Kit

Festive Tealight Decorations

Create a warming village scene by joining 2 or 4 houses together to create a 3D scene this Christmas. Pop a tea light behind and as the sun goes down, your very own village lights up!

Festive House Baking Kit

Personalised Place Settings

Host a dinner party like no other, by piping friends and families names on their very own festive house. These are great place settings for around a dinner table but most importantly they are a little piece of edible joy too!

Festive House Baking Kit

A Creative Cake Surround

If you want the wow factor, then we recommend transforming any delicious cake into a Festive Feast! Simply ice and place around your favourite cake recipe and you’ve got an instant dinner table centre piece!

What would you create? Festive tea lights for the fireplace, biscuit place settings or maybe you’ve thought of something else to create that’s not on our list!

Join in the discussion over on our social channels @honeywellbiscuitco 

The Honeywell Biscuit Co Team

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