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12 ways to create a more sustainable office

How to make your office sustainable

Offices are usually full of ‘things’ – stationery, ink, electrical items etc.  So what can you do to keep the office running smoothly whilst lowering its environmental impact? Read on to see the things we have implemented, and remember that every small change adds up to make a difference. You don’t have to do it all immediately!

12 ways to create a more sustainable office

Easy switches

Three simple things that take moments to implement but make a big difference:

Ecosia – ‘The search engine that plants trees”. A certified B corp, using your clicks for good.

Toilet roll – there are various options but we love Oceans Plastic FreeSustainable, ethical, made in the UK, delivered to the door.

Environmentally friendly detergentSmol is the one we love for our washing machines and dishwashers.  Affordable, ethical, delivered plastic free. Win, win win!

Refillable hand soap – here in Northamptonshire we use Fill.  We buy large containers of hand soap and washing up liquid, refill our bottles, then when we are ready Fill take the containers back into their circular system. 

A little more effort but no biggie!

These areas may take a little research and longer to implement but are more than worth it in our humble biscuity opinion:

Timer Plugs – set up your microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines to go off when the cycle is finished.  They’re simple to set up and will stop appliances draining electricity.

Recycling – set up a collection for anything that can be recycled that isn’t already.  Think printer ink cartridges, crisp packets, glass, even cheese wrappers. Set up a rota to get them to the collection points every so often.

Stationery – look for a company that, for example, uses sustainable paper, vegetable inks or less water in their production or printing.  We are huge fans of Vent for Change who not only produce gorgeous note books and pens from recycled materials but support children’s education worldwide.

Gifting – for birthdays, new clients and any other gifting occasion think beyond what you have done before and try to support ethical, sustainable, small businesses.   

Remember - every change you make counts towards a better planet.

Bespoke Biscuits

Longer term changes

Organic tea, coffee and milk – this may be a little more expensive but is far better for the environment. We get a weekly delivery of milk and juice from Abel & Cole. Organic tea bags are also more likely to be plastic free.

Ethical Pension – according to the ONS between April 2016 and March 2018 there was £6.1 trillion invited in private pensions in the UK. By choosing an ethical pension this money is invested in good business practices rather than negative.

Green energy – if you are not already using a green energy supplier switch to one that is.  

On site composting – set up a system to collect food waste and turn it into compost.  Team members can then take it home or it can be donated to a school or community garden who would use it.  We use Hot Bins and also love the look of Bokashi Bins.

I hope this has been helpful, as always I’d love to hear your thoughts so please do get in touch.


Honeywell Biscuit Co

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